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Strategies for Embracing Anti-Racist Work in our Classrooms-article in Education Week


I have been contributing to Education Week Teacher--an excellent site that supports educators while giving them a voice. One of the great things about Education Week Teacher is that it is facilitated by a teacher, Larry Ferlazzo, so the content is honest and authentic.

My latest contribution is about strategies to infuse ant-bias curriculum in our classrooms. Other educators weigh in on this piece as well. The importance of this topic cannot be overstated. As educators, we have a responsibility to make sure our classrooms are inclusive learning environments that are safe to confront delicate issues such as racism, sexism, and inequality. This is not only true for older students, but relevant to early childhood classrooms as experts have long asserted the need to broach these subjects sooner rather than later.

Strategies for Embracing Anti-Racist Work in Our Classrooms provides guidance to support the endeavor at all levels. The authors, including myself, provide ideas for self-reflection, expanding content knowledge, and locating high-quality sources to bring into the classroom.

I make the strong point that social studies should be resurrected in our schools. Failed federal initiatives such as No Child Left Behind have ironically left a myriad of students behind by disregarding social studies, as well as the arts and humanities. These disciplines are the cornerstones of our shared human experiences. Consequently, their neglect has created civic achievement gaps, especially for the neediest students.

Check out the article and please share!

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