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Why Education Tapas?

Because there's something for everyone (and they pair w/ sangria)!

Want to keep up on what's happening in the world of education? Research, trends, perspectives, teaching tips, technology, issues, curriculum --it’s hard to stay abreast without heading to a million different places. Whether you’re an aspiring educator, a teacher, a professor, a college student,or a parent just trying to stay in the know, it can be difficult to find a trusted voice with conversations focused on different topics. That’s what Education Tapas delivers --a source to discover, explore, and dive into the world of education. Education Tapas is unique because it provides boots on the ground perspectives --I am a teacher and professor of education, my husband is a teacher, I have two children in public school, and I’ve been at this for about 25 years---I’ve taught everything from preschool to graduate school, conducted and published research, and led professional development at all levels. Why shouldn’t education blogs be as relevant as baking and planks? Buy a cupcake, they're cheap, and use all that extra time to read; it's proven, reading burns calories!



Hi, it’s wonderful to meet you! Who am I? Well, I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a teacher, a professor, and a runner (not a very good one, 4:36 NYC marathon, brutal!). I grew up in Brooklyn, earned my bachelor’s degree from Hunter College in Manhattan, a master’s from Columbia University, a second master’s from Pace University, NYC, and finally my PhD from Concordia University, Chicago. I love to write, listen to heavy metal music (to the chagrin of my family), collect records, but most of all, I love teaching. I’ve taught them all from preschool to graduate school, high-achieving students, at-risk students, and students with special needs. I’m currently a professor in a community college focusing on the social sciences while helping students prepare for a career in education. I also supervise teacher candidates during their clinical placements. I believe in public education, and I want to see society invest more in its power and potential to elevate our human experience. My goal is to share my experiences with you, circulate research, trends, ideas, and promote the field of education every day. Feel free to contact me with topics you’d like me to research and treat.


I hope to hear your voice on this site,   


Theresa Capra 

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