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Here are some of my publications and presentations beyond Education Tapas. Feel free to share. I hope they help!

A Consideration of Online learning 

Thought & Action NEA Higher Education Journal 

Violent protests in american history: partI

History is Now 

Violent protests in American history: part ii

History is Now

strategies for embracing anti-racist work in our classrooms

Education Week 

 Start the year with a Primary focus on Relationship building

Education Week 

Collaborate with colleagues to make it through the school year

Education Week 

Strategies for Online instruction

Education Week

Online education from the perspective of community college students: community of inquiry paradigm

Community College Journal of Research and Practice 

Poverty and Its impact on education: today and tomorrow 

Thought & Action NEA Higher Education Journal 

A qualitative inquiry of online learning from the perspective of community college students

Concordia University, Chicago, Lutheran Education Journal


Mercer County Community College 

The [good],the bad, and the ugly of Online education

eCampus News

webinar: Online learning at community college: promise & problems

 Center for Student Success @  New Jersey Council of County Colleges 

Online Learning & community college students

Russian-American Education Forum: An Online Journal

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